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Promoting health, well-being and personal growth using a mind-body approach. We provide psychotherapy services in Nanaimo, BC.

We enjoy helping people realize personal success and emotional well-being through resolving unfinished business and changing maladaptive beliefs that block people from being present and engaged in life.

Dear valued clients and members of our community:

In response to the required social distancing due to COVID-19, Lake Professional Psychology has moved to an online platform for providing services, with the possibility of in-person sessions with select therapists. The physical office has re-opened for individually arranged appointments with our registered clinical counsellors, Ms. Veronica Harris, M.A. and Ms. Mandy Fudge, M.A.. In our efforts to provide a safe environment for conducting in-person services, special arrangements with specific precautions will be discussed upon booking with your therapist.

Dr Paola Lake, and associates Mandy Fudge and Veronica Harris are meeting remotely through an online video platform or by telephone, as arranged with your therapist. As there are varying levels of comfort engaging in online video therapy, efforts will be made to make this process easy to follow and assistance will be provided when needed.

If you are not yet a client but would be interested in meeting with one of our clinicians virtually, or in-person, please contact our office by phone (250) 734-5555 or by email at info@drlake.ca and leave a message that includes your contact information, including your phone number and email address and you will receive a response as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this time from all of the team at Lake Professional Psychology.


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