Coaching and Self-Development

Do you feel you have yet to realize your full potential?

Do you wish to be more centered and manage your day better?

Do you feel blocked from realizing your dreams?

Are you ready to move forward and take the action steps required to realize your dreams?


Coaching versus Therapy

Therapy and coaching are different in their orientation and approach.  Coaching is focussed on helping people move forward on important goals, and it is not focussed on dealing with unresolved past emotional issues.

Coaching is appropriate for individuals ready to manifest personal change through action steps and a positive focus on personal strengths and inner leadership.  I teach you methods for self-empowerment and self-leadership so that you can accomplish your goals, feel a sense of well-being and confidence.  Whether through coaching, hypnosis, visualization, and experiential techniques, you can manifest your dreams and move into your full creativity and leadership.

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