For Couples In Trouble: Negotiating Conflict

If you find yourself experiencing ongoing conflict or difficulties with your significant other, you are not alone. Negative life events, financial difficulties, and other unexpected stressors can have a negative impact on most relationships, even healthy ones. While experiencing interpersonal conflict can fluctuate over time in a long-term relationship, it is important to find ways that you can work together to resolve difficulties, challenges, or negotiate disagreements. Continue reading “For Couples In Trouble: Negotiating Conflict”

The Life-Giving Path

I have a friend who once told me to “follow the life-giving path.” I can’t recall the context of the conversation, but these words have stayed with me since the day I heard them. I reflected on the meaning of these words. Did my friend’s words suggest that we should do things in life that feel good? Should we be following our bliss? Continue reading “The Life-Giving Path”

Facing Your Fears: Overcoming Avoidance After Trauma

As part of a series of articles on recovery from trauma, this issue describes how to cope with the adverse effects of a traumatic event or experience. If you have been reading previous issues on this topic, you know that a traumatic event refers to an unexpected event that involves actual or perceived threats of serious harm, injury, or death. The effects of a traumatic event can result in a number of unpleasant symptoms, including flashbacks, distressing memories, nightmares, increased arousal, and emotional numbing and avoidance. Continue reading “Facing Your Fears: Overcoming Avoidance After Trauma”